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Another Success Story:

Jupiter Medical Center orthopedic patient and former boat captain Frank Jackson is thrilled with the results he is experiencing so soon after his bilateral knee replacement surgery performed by orthopedic surgeon Gary Ackerman, MD.

“I can’t believe that the pain is gone,” says Jackson, 61, just three days after surgery, smiling from ear to ear. Frank was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees and has endured excruciating pain for years. Today, thanks to Dr. Ackerman, he is walking with a new found pep in his step and is already pedaling away on a recumbent bike under doctor supervision and that of Jupiter Medical Center physical therapy assistant, Kathy Kosowski, BS.

“After hearing all of my father’s horror stories of his knee surgery 20 years ago, I am stunned at how well my surgery has worked!” Frank says he is eager to get back to the things he loves most, like getting on his treadmill, working out in his home gym and he is especially looking forward to a road trip with wife Betty in June to the Country Music Awards in Nashville. With his new knees, Frank is so happy that he will be much more able to get around town, see the sights, and stop by a few diners, drive-ins and dives. “Mostly I’m happy I will be able to keep up with my wife!”
As for his treatment at Jupiter Medical Center, he expressed his sincere gratitude for the exceptional experience he had from the day he walked into the hospital to the day he could practically skip out. He said the wonderful care he received was unexpected and he appreciated how everyone put theirbest foot forward to make his stay so pleasant and comfortable. He also could not be more thankful that he was referred to Dr Ackerman by a friend from his gym days.

“I am very pleased with Frank’s progress,” says Dr. Ackerman. “So soon after surgery, and both knees no doubt, it’s very exciting to see – just knowing that I have helped him return to a better quality of life than he had since his diagnosis.”

-Captain Frank


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