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Whatever your sports injury or orthopaedic condition, the Physical Therapy staff at Palm Beach Sports Medicine are focused on providing you with the personalized care you need and deserve to maximize healing.

Simple stretching exercises can help lengthen muscles and other tissue shortened by restricted activities following your injury, while strengthening exercises can build endurance and restore function.

A physical therapist may employ manual joint manipulation to increase range of motion, or may use massage to ease pain and stretch muscles. Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and application of hot packs and/or ice are among the conservative approaches used.

TRX Suspension Training

SONY DSCWe are excited to announce our latest piece of equipment at Palm Beach Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, The TRX! This is a great device that can be used in physical therapy from elite athletes to people just wanting to get back into shape during their rehabilitation. This suspension device does a superb job working the trunk and lumbar musculature during exercises. It is great for overall stability as well. Research supports that for shoulder athletes (specifically overhead athletes) it is beneficial to incorporate trunk and lumbar strengthening, LE strengthening, flexibility, shoulder strengthening, scapular strengthening, and sports specific exercises where appropriate. This device allows us to do that. It is not just for shoulder athletes though. It can be beneficial for just about every condition we see if you meet our criteria. We recommend that you try it with us first prior to trying this device at your gym. We will help determine if it is appropriate for you, and if so, show you specific exercises with it tailored to your condition.


Eric Wanner, PT, DPT, OCS Director

WANNEREric Wanner, DPT received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from The University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. He currently has fifteen  publications. Dr. Wanner has presented at Florida Atlantic University College of Education and at the 2013 & 2014 Learn Green Conference & Expo at Dreyfoos School of Arts about “Take Initiative and Manage Stress.”

He is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy through the American Board of Physical Therapy.  He is also a Certified Clinical Instructor through the APTA, and wrote for the NPTE PTA exam. Dr. Wanner also wrestled at The Ohio State University before having to stop after his fourth knee surgery leading him to turn to Physical Therapy for his profession. He is currently the Director of the Physical Therapy Department at Palm Beach Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center.

Danielle Frech, PT, DPT

scan0001Danielle Frech, PT, DPT received her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science degree and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Central Florida.  During her career as a DPT student, her research area of study focused on Kinesiotape and its application in long distance runners. The finished project was presented at Orlando Orthopedics Convention in February 2016. Throughout her college career, Dr. Frech taught multiple different formats of group fitness at UCF.  She also worked with a program at UCF that allowed students with physical disabilities to gain independence in the gym setting. She is a certified spin and group fitness instructor and loves sharing her passion for health and fitness with others.  Dr. Frech’s passion for health and fitness began in her early teens when she first got involved in spinning classes.  Her interest in fitness continued to grow as she was a member of both track and field and cross country teams. She still runs today and has recently just completed her 12thhalf marathon.

David Fielding, PTA

davidfieldingDavid Fielding PTA, received his AS  Physical Therapist  Assistant Degree from Indian River State College.  David is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Florida Physical Therapy Association.  He has participated in various local charity events in support of Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, Breast Cancer, and the Wounded Warrior Foundation.  A Florida local born and raised in Vero Beach, David enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle.  His hobbies include working out, surfing, free-diving, and spearfishing.


What should I wear to my Physical Therapy treatments? 

When coming to Palm Beach Sports Medicine for physical therapy, please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing like jogging pants with an elastic waist and an over-sized t-shirt or sweatshirt. You therapist needs to be able to easy access your area of injury, and you want to be comfortable during any therapy that involves range of motion. This goes for your footwear, too, especially if you have a lower limb or foot injury.

How many physical therapy treatments should I expect to receive? 

Your sports injury or other orthopaedic challenge is different from every other patient we see at Palm Beach Sports Medicine, so the type and number of physical therapy treatments you receive will depend upon your unique circumstances.

The average treatment plan calls for therapy two to three times a week for four to six weeks ( 2 – 3 times a week for 4 – 6 weeks), or 8 to 18 therapy sessions.

How long do the physical therapy treatments last each day?

Physical therapy sessions last approximately one hour each.

What should I expect when I come in for my treatment?

That depends on your rehabilitation and recovery goals. Every treatment plan is customized for each patient. Even patients who have similar goals may find their individual treatment plans varying based on each patient’s medical history, the extent of injury, and the current and anticipated levels of function.

At Palm Beach Sports Medicine we will use various techniques to help each of our patients reach the greatest extent of recovery possible.

Some examples of our treatment methods are:

  1. Range Of Motion exercises
  2. Stretching
  3. Strengthening
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Electrical Stimulation
  6. Balance Training
  7. Heat and Ice
  8. Massage
  9. Patient Education

What should I do if I need to cancel my appointment for the day?

If you are unable to keep your scheduled physical therapy appointment at Palm Beach Sports Medicine, please give us a call at (561) 841-0666, even if it’s a last-minute cancellation.

We will be happy to reschedule for another day or time.


I have always believed in giving credit where credit is due. Needless to say, thank you for doing a great surgical job on both of my knees. This letter is mainly to compliment your physical therapy department.

Eric Wanner, DPT and David Fielding, PTA are two physical therapists that you don’t want to lose. They both worked with me and I have nothing but praise for them both. Eric, being the director, is like a juggler keeping all the motions organized and on task. Their constant positive remarks and praise for this patient and, the other patients I observed while in therapy, shows their professionalism and their enthusiasm for helping their respective patients.

Their professionalism and the services of everyone who I have interacted with in your office over the years just reassure me of what a fine medical facility that exists in the name of Palm Beach Sports Medicine. If you ever need any comments from a satisfied patient please don’t hesitate in contacting me.


Harry W.

I can do more now then before my surgery.  Eric, David, and Patti are beyond excellent at their job.  I will recommend Palm Beach Sports Medicine to all of my injured friends. Thank you!

Jenna C.

After six weeks in physical therapy at Palm Beach Spots Medicine, I progressed faster and further than I did with my previous knee rehab. Great job, Eric!

Robert L.

Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Wanner was kind and took the time to explain why we were doing various stretches. I appreciate the help and would recommend others coming here if they had the need. Very skilled staff! Thank you!
Sarah J.

Very impressed.  You all do an amazing job!  Thank you!

Bob K.

Thanks so much! You guys gave me my active life back. I will always remember you both.
Mary J.

Great job, very professional.
Sarah R.

David and Eric are professional, pleasant, and thorough. I would highly recommend them for physical therapy needs.
Steven T.

Than you for patience and expert guidance through my therapy. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me.
Caroline F.

You have a very intuitive healing touch that has helped me so much in my recovery.
Carol M.

You have a very intuitive healing touch that has helped me so much in my recovery.
Carol M.

The entire staff was friendly, helpful, and answered questions professionally. Eric and David were both motivational and encouraging. I felt I was a part of the recovery process. Overall the “PT” treatment was excellent and friendly.
Pamela Z.

It was an excellent experience (this was the 3rd doctor and physical therapy office I’ve tried) overall. Dr. Randazzo was great as he listened and offered the help that I needed. The PT helped me tremendously! David and Dr. Eric were extremely accurate on the choice of exercises that I needed to help me heal and learn what I have to continue on my own.
Maria F.

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