When you’re looking for a comprehensive approach to treating your orthopaedic pain, Palm Beach Sports Medicine is your one-stop answer, whether you’re suffering from an acute injury or a chronic condition.

That’s because Palm Beach Sports Medicine has built a carefully selected team that includes orthopaedic surgeons, a physiatrist, and a skilled physical therapy team, all of whom have one goal: restoring you to your highest level of function and comfort.

Advanced on-site diagnostic imaging, carefully developed physical therapy programs, and an emphasis on physical medicine will help our team of surgeons to know if a surgical procedure is your best option. When it is, our surgeons employ sophisticated minimally invasive surgeries to speed your recovery and reduce post-operative pain.

Often, though, they can help you without open surgery, calling upon innovative approaches like cartilage restoration, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy that helps your body build the cells it needs to heal your injuries from the inside.

And while it’s easier and more effective to treat injuries as soon after the happen as possible, the experienced professionals at Palm Beach Sports Medicine are trained to find what’s causing even long-standing pain, so you don’t have to resign yourself to “living with it” just because you’ve been living with it a long time.

Come in, let us examine you and find the source of your pain, and talk to you about ways to make you comfortable again. We think you’ll be surprised at how much we can do for you!



Whatever your sports injury or orthopaedic condition, the Physical Therapy staff at Palm Beach Sports Medicine are focused on providing you with the personalized care you need and deserve to maximize healing.



Palm Beach Sports Medicine offers state-or-the-art ultrasound technology for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes.



Digital radiography is the latest form of X-ray imaging and may represent the greatest technological advancement in medical imaging over the last decade.



At Palm Beach Sports Medicine,  cutting edge digital MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) radiology techniques such as 3D reconstruction and ultra sound imaging equipment are on site administered by expert technicians and reviewed by our Doctors.